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Alegra Benardete

I graduated from Başkent University Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department in 2012. I completed 1 year orthopedic manual therapy, mat pilates and clinical pilates training. I got the reformer pilates pitch in 2013. I received yoga instructor training in YogaKaLa in Ankara in 2014. I am continuing to graduate from Bahçeşehir University chiropractic (Spine health and healing) graduate education which was first opened in Turkey. During my academic training, human anatomy, kinesiology and physiology have always been front-line for me. I realized how important it is to move healthy after completing the yoga training. For this reason, I intend to protect human health by blending my later knowledge with yoga. I continue to give various trainings on human anatomy and yoga. Lessons are what I care about to arrive at the awareness of the borders of the body, always doing so when approaching the body with respect and proceeding one step forward.

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