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Events and Press

Fresh Mornings With Dove 

During the summer months, on Friday at 08.00 with Silk Darga
Big Chefs in Tarabya. Begin the day with Dove beautifully. You are invited to our yoga activity.


Workshop with

Kike Pinto

One of the basic concepts of shamanism, the cosmos, we talked about the shamanic four directions and the shamanic three worlds, and explained how we support our daily lives by balancing the body, mind and soul of the Puma, Snake and Condor energies. In the second half of the program, the Andean music was accompanied by collective healing meditation and music cleaning. Behind the meditation, Kike's unique musical instrument was brought to life by various musical instruments brought from the Cuzco Taki Museum.


We have experienced the day-to-day reflections of many information from the past that we have made in this activity. This effect, which was made for the first time in Turkey, brought a great sound, and many people followed this activity with the article in Hürriyet Pazar. Wish to repeat it next year ...


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