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İpek Darga

Chemical Engineering, Master of Business Administration, 14 years of professional management, followed by yoga adventure.
This yoga student started in 1992, living in America, Hatha Yoga in Yaasc Siddashram in Turkey, Integral Yoga in Airo Bindo Ashram in India, Yoga therapy with Yoga Therapy with Shiva Rea and Monica Münzingen in America After the certificates Yoga continues as an instructor.

Participated in Mindful, yoga and meditation training and conferences in different parts of the world such as India and USA and Canada. In 2005, he has been giving yoga lessons, Mindful Living Seminars and health projects to many domestic and foreign corporate companies. She is a trainer in out-of-office activities she prepares with institutions.

İpek Darga is the first person in Turkey to combine yoga with astrology. He is the guest of the first book "Stop with the Stars" in 2012 and is a guest speaker at various universities and private institutions.
Yoga Darga Center, which he founded in 2005, continues to serve as DARGA ACADEMY by expanding his field with yoga pros, therapists, Mindful Eating and art trainings. He has fulfilled his social responsibilities through seminars given by state hospitals, long-term education with Hearing Impairments and Visually Impaired.

Ipek Darga is a member of the CTI Coaches Training Institute, the UK Institute for International Reflexology and Yoga Alliance.

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